Must Have Shoes for Nurses

Best White Shoes for Nurses 2018

Being a nurse means standing all day so it's best to have some great nursing shoes

It's tough being a nurse and nothing is worse than a pair of sore feet after a long shift. Click here to see a list of the top white nursing shoes available today. 

I see nurses walking around every day most of the time looks like their feet really hurt that's why in this article we’ll check out the best shoes for nurses are you ready let's get started

Why Nurses Need Good Shoes

nurses are constantly on their feet walking all over the hospital helping patient after patient they barely get a chance to sit down. with that being the case is very important for them to have comfortable supportive shoes so their feet don't hurt all day. In fact 33% of nurses in the us deal from feet pain.

Hopefully we can get you out of that 33% and have you feeling comfortable and happy during your shift.

What to Look Out For

When choosing a good nursing shoe it is absolutely important to keep in mind wait and comfort. there is nothing worse than carrying around a heavy pair of shoes. not only are they hard to wear they may getting around very very tough. so Point number one is to make sure you pick very comfortable shoes in order to avoid discomfort.

The second thing we need to talk about is the design of the shoe. nursing shoes come in many different styles if you want to look good you should pick the one that suits your needs. you can find some really cool looking simple ones or some over-the-top ones with some really crazy designs.

Now let's talk about slip resistance. the environments in which nurses work can be really slippery. therefore it's important to pick a good shoe that is slip resistant to make sure that you stay safe throughout the day.


Finding suitable nurse shoes is easy if you know what to look out for. The main factor you should consider is comfort. In order to pick comfortable shoes find some which are lightweight and sturdy. Also pick a shoe that is slip resistant. Hopefully this article was helpful in guiding you to picking the best nursing shoes for your situation. 

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